Remembering Lowell

Class Photo

The Lowell Hymm
With heads bared we stand,
In tribute to thee,
Our Alma-Mater Lowell
All true to thee we'll be.
Unfurled, red and white
None shall thee decry,
Thy name we love,
O Lowell High.

8501 Bay to Bakers
8503 Grondahl's Purple Reign
8504 Dahl & Boring
8505 Father Granucci Sarducci's
8507 Olarte's Party Hearties
8508 Bird Control
8509 Gamble's Soup
8510 Leudtke Here Leudtke There
8511 Bissett's Quiet Riot
8512 Brigg's Bleeps & Blunders
8513 Brillhart's Breakers
8514 Jank in the Box
8515 You Aanonseen Nothin' Yet
8516 Phil 'Er Up with Unfreded
8517 Welcome to Fuller Time
8518 Prato Chips
8519 The Unknown Reg
8520 Crash Landing
8521 Axt-idents
8522 Morelli's Mafiosi
8523 Lost in the Hayes
8524 Oscar's Wieiners