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  1. I  very much appreciate being included in your reunion activities.  Going back and looking at your website with the pictures brought back many fond memories.  Unfortuneately, I will not be able to attend.

    Hello to the menbers of the class and to any teachers who made it this far.


    Don Baker (Math)


  2. I just wanted to say thank you, to the Committee that put the 30th Reunion together.  You created a nice opportunity for us to reconnect.  It was nice to see friends that I keep in touch with as well as old connections I'd almost forgotten about.

    I'm not on Facebook (and I have felt the pressure to get on), but I'll send a few pics. to share.

    Lianne–I meant to say hi, but I'm sorry I didn't get a chance.  It felt nice that so many people wanted to touchbase and I did too.  I didn't even get to dance : (    I think I missed the group photo too.  I understand that you're a social worker doing good work and I wanted to let you know that I too, went back for my MSW and am currently working with foster youth.

    Anyway, thanks again, Committee.  Looking forward to connecting again soon.


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